Latest News About The Rana Group Brand Ambassador Saurav Ganguly

The Rana Group, one of the fastest-developing conglomerates in India, has made headlines recently with their preference for a brand ambassador – none other than the mythical cricketer and previous Indian captain, Saurav Ganguly. The information has despatched waves of pleasure throughout the country, as humans are eager to recognize more approximately this partnership and what it way for the Rana Group and its clients.

Who is Saurav Ganguly?

Saurav Ganguly, affectionately known as “Dada” by means of his fanatics, is a retired Indian cricketer who has left an indelible mark on the sport. He broadly appeared as one of the greatest Indian captains of all time, having led the team to many historical victories throughout his tenure. Ganguly is likewise credited with revolutionizing Indian cricket, as he introduced a brand new level of aggression and professionalism to the crew that had previously been missing. After his retirement, he has remained involved in cricket in various capacities and has also pursued different pastimes, along with commentary and television web hosting.

The Rana Group’s Choice of Brand Ambassador

The Rana Group is a conglomerate that operates in various sectors, which include real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, and enjoyment. They have a strong presence in the northern area of India and feature currently been increasing their operations to different parts of the country. The desire of Saurav Ganguly as their logo ambassador displays their dedication to excellence, as Ganguly extensively appears as a symbol of excellence and management in India.

In an assertion launched via the Rana Group, they said, “We are pleased to have Saurav Ganguly as our brand ambassador. He embodies the values that we preserve expensive – management, excellence, and commitment. We accept as true with this partnership will assist us hook up with our customers extra deeply and meaningfully, and we sit up for running with him.”

What Does This Partnership Mean for the Rana Group?

The partnership with Saurav Ganguly is anticipated to have an enormous impact on the Rana Group’s brand picture and popularity. Ganguly’s reputation and impact on India are remarkable, and his endorsement is in all likelihood to attract more clients to the Rana Group’s various groups. Moreover, Ganguly’s affiliation with the Rana Group is possible enhances the organization’s credibility and trustworthiness, as he’s extensively appeared as a person of integrity and honesty.

The partnership is also predicted to help the Rana Group increase its operations in different components of the USA. Ganguly has a massive fan following across India, and his affiliation with the Rana Group is possible to help them reach out to customers beyond their conventional marketplace.

Latest News About Saurav Ganguly

Apart from his association with the Rana Group, Saurav Ganguly has been making headlines for other motives as properly. Recently, he became appointed as the chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and has been tasked with leading the country’s cricket board. Ganguly’s appointment has been extensively hailed as an advantageous improvement for Indian cricket, as he’s anticipated to deliver great deal-needed reforms to the employer.

Ganguly has also been worried in numerous philanthropic activities and has been the usage of his have an impact on and sources to assist the ones in want. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he performed a full-size position in elevating the price range and offering aid to those tormented by the virus. Ganguly’s charitable work has earned him considerable praise and admiration, and he has ended up a position model for plenty of people in India.


The partnership between the Rana Group and Saurav Ganguly is a substantial improvement that is likely to have long way-attaining results. It displays the Rana Group’s dedication to excellence and its preference

to connect with customers in a meaningful manner. Ganguly’s affiliation with the group is expected to enhance their logo photograph and assist them increase their operations in different elements of the united states of America.

Apart from his association with the Rana Group, Saurav Ganguly’s appointment because the chairman of the BCCI has been making headlines. Ganguly’s appointment is visible as a fine improvement for Indian cricket, and he is predicted to deliver awful lot-wished reforms to the organization. Moreover, his charitable paintings at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic have earned him considerable reward and admiration, and he has grown to be a position version for many human beings in India.

Overall, the partnership between the Rana Group and Saurav Ganguly is a win-win state of affairs for each event. The Rana Group’s association with Ganguly is likely to enhance its credibility and help them reach out to extra customers, even as Ganguly’s affiliation with the institution is possible to assist him make bigger its effect and reach. It can be interesting to look at how this partnership unfolds in the coming months and years and what other traits are in keeping for both events.

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